Silhouette👈 the song choice if you so happen to read and listen.

Chasin after your potential, not acclimated to your reality

And its happening, that burnin sensation, that horrid equation where we kno if we get this right we’ll pass,

We kno da answer, jus cant show the work

I kno watchu want but iono howta get to it wit out my ego bruisin

Im speakin fluent, in the langauge of dulce and gabana, dior hommes, true religion and suicide doors

Shed kill herself if i closed the doors, and yet shes alive

Off the low, high end chance that a “we” can survive

That circumstantial percent is as good as Nintendo’s 2014 profit report

Pilot of my jet, but a vessel for my life

Right, you tellin me you wish you didnt kno me then we undress and somehow you remember erything and y you love me

And because of me you cant ever leave, you woulda been left…right?

But the love and lust thing is so mortifying because im your Mr. Right…right?

And its unrequited cause all my sides point elsewhere, anywhere besides your sides.

I coincide wit congruent angles of ur vantage point

So i see where you comin from, im parallel to your perspective, i literally see how we so close and yet not connected

But i wonder if We’ll ever get it

I kno if you come right now and say you want it, ima fold harder than retailers handlin clothes on overtime

We over whine, we over shine, we over kill, i over trust, and tryta get over us, i need help, my minds a husk

Feelin your nut, makes my steel hard decisions rust

The bumpy truth always implodin and explodin in my face, hate this puss

We fight and we fuss, then you wanna make love and all i wanna do is fU….

We sharin our minds but not our values like reluctantly openin up an account das joint

Encase and joint, point blank period, our engagement is myriad

How many times we gotta fall off and fall on, ta stay on, ta break off, and then scared ta move on

But i keep on, in hopes of movin me out the way, so you can b strong, yet you strength and an absent red sun, im from krypton

Shootin and slicin these dilemmas like im Leon

An eon can go by, We’ll still be lookin at each other and still dont see eye ta eye





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