Subtle Nuances👈my song(s) of choice if you decide to listen And read

We have a conversation
Durin the mind-crackin banter
Your arms are folded and your lips are pursed
Your clutch is Coach, your hips are more than enough and you kno dat but you sit in a way that hides your curves
Im guessin you dont wanna attract the wrong attention
But you already wore the freak-em dress; I think you bein subconciously pretentious
Almost like you wanna test my integrity as a gentleman but see the struggle as a man
Suffice to say im well tempered and theres no coloring me, multi-colored like tucan sam
Your posture relaxes and i compliment you on your eye make up, its a lie but it speeds the phase up
Your thinkin:

“whats this guys game, he definitely changed up
i aint even spend that much time on my hair and i dont have on make up”

Darling i kno but this opens avenue for a residual speech revenue
Bout ta monopolize your mainframe and you wont even put up a fight
Guess whose Manny and whose Floyd, you’d be surprised-especially if it was rigged right?
Anyway for now, i jus wantchu to breathe, i mean you no harm
How you play witchur hair wen you feelin insecure
How you buck up and stand tall wen you unsure
But i reassure you that my agenda is not to obscure your already cemented resolution that you wont make love ta me on the 1st date
Doesn’t matter if you wore your favorite bra and panties that r lace
Or the fact that you’ve noticed im exuding an aura/aroma thas makin your heart pick up pace

Back to it- i ask you whats your favorite color, and your thrown off guard, wasnt expecting somethin so frugel
But your pleasantly alarmed
I farm, answers from you to fixate an internal conclusion bout chu while smilin in your face
You tell me more, i give an educated rebuttal
Now your arms drop-i see the cleavage line, i glance to claim my prize, and then purposely stumble over my words, you hear the apprehension in my voice and uncross your legs, thas me leavin you no choice
With your guard dropped i say:

“i gotta ask your forgiveness, lemme be real for a minute,
i was bout ta talk but lost the thought after quenchin pieces of lust in me- i had peaked a limit”

I said i had peaked, like a cross between Kilimanjaro and watchin da baddie next door take a shower
Its a gamble cuz of my honesty but honestly id rather go 50/50 than go 100 on black see?
You ask wat i mean
I explain that i glanced at your naughty bits, but i tried to refrain
Thas another lie
You breathe easy, and appreciate my opacity
And your body language invites me for more teasing
Excusin yaself, you make a B-line for the ladys room, walkin wit an extra dip, now you showing off mamas gifts, you no longer self conscious of how the dress fits, cause you found what seems like a perfect fit
You look in the vanity, and again purse your lips, apply the extra coating of lipstick, flush out your lashes, give yaself a prep talk, and adjust your twins
All done, your all done, you come back out ready ta conquer me
And im more than ready
Subtle Nuances…


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