Nobody To Love

Gaspin for air, lookin for da sensual only ta get dat smug glare
Tryna attract wat i feel is the perfect woman
But bruised by my past decisions and karma reinventing its vision on how it views my life
The way i feel dont matter no more,
I jus out pour the emotional side inside a typical whore
Whose a dime ta you, but come a dime a dozen ta me
She suck, slurp, and smash the way i need er to
But thas jus strengthening the grave im buryin fa myself
Cuz “what goes around comes around” is far from sanguine,
So bury me alive, bury wit me pride, no tombstone, case closed, Detective Konan died
I tried-no i lied, i didnt try ta subside the substantial anger of havin nobody to love
Maybe its cuz they wasnt good enough, cept ta make love
Cuz im in a generation of where we make love, but not do love
The relationship stuff, witout actually bein in love
Cuz ta dem, thas bondage, das commitment, and an itinerary like dat is vintage
Emotional investment is apparently permissive
This all indited
Please inscribe it, please refine it, never fast forward, always rewind it-maybe set up a time block and time it

My point is, because of my decisions, because of my inability ta incision the cataclysm of bein indifferent to hearts ive broken, now im no different

And these hoes, they summon me and i answer like im a slave to dey mission
So ima soldier for this never endin war, but a casualty to society
Broken piece of junk that cant function wit out a tall piece of beauty ta be my elongated vanity

I regretfully, stand over her as i crack open the gates of hell screaming “this pussy is Aliyah, the Queen of The Damned SEE?!”

And theres no goin back, a betrayal to an already good thing leads to nobody bein happy
Lord have mercy, someone take pity,
How can i scrutinize on wat i co signed way back in time
Thorned crown on my head-ouch, but i aint got no vinegar ta quench this hemorrhage of a thorn to my side
“Can i live”. . . Nobody to love…nobody


Called It Something Else

I dont think tellin you is enough anymore
But i still do
Cuz it remains tru
Thank you-this excellence is an acquired taste-full
Hope my actions are over stabled
Romantic banter is all apart of my label
Im food for ya soul, check the nutrition label
Got foresight outta dis world like X-mens Cable
Ill have Jim hook you up so you can see too, he good wit da cable
This gon be da greatest fable
Eat it up, this the redemption table
I aint God, but his vessel
In your life, to help you get to da next level
And we jus jumpin all through time, destroyin traditional ideology along the way
Growth is pain, recollection of the “use-ta-bes” is typical wen you made it to whatever your goal be
Keep out da intrusion of our keep like a goalie-Tim Howard
This spoken word is Power,
Lil dood, but a big man on da moon, call Houston, tell em we got a Dwight Howard
Haters sour, cuz the world is ours
Make love to each other wit the conversation fer hours
Talkin ta you is medicinal, re-up on da drugs love, or the love drugs
You picture perfect, yo new nickname Mona-Lisuh
I put a hit out on da Rea-puh, cuz i aint tryna die no time soon, Kicking doors down like ima militant FIFA
Back ta you, i thank God He is the word, so wen He gives me the words, i splurge it in the ways that bring Em Glory, and plague your face wit smiles
Cuz you look so much better wen you OH-OH-OH
You cheesin so hard, a mouse might come and frik witchu
And that was meant to be cheesy
Photo bomb you, ta capture moments thas escapin space and entropy
A-Gotta couple points i wanna point out to you, peep
My greatest commodity to ya, is my soul B-bind it witchurs, and watch it glow like the Northern Lights in the Winter Time
C-rainbows represent Gods promise and He never lies
D-get what i want cuz of the life i live E- so you kno this ends up as you bein Mine
No sweat,



Let the C.I.V swell
Let the Central Infatuation of Veno swell
Yo favorite when all the others aint doing it right
What keep me busy is life
Till you hit me up usin the “i needa minute” as the “i needa life”
So i entertain you
I enjoy you
That smile that connects you to heaven
The curvature on your face that acts as my ritual 2 excedrins
I overdose on your natural high
I found my channel, you’re a necessary dive
And i, love the fact that you make me speechless
We, us together is 7 days strong, so thas WEAK-less
Enchanted by what you do to my surroundings
I love your “astounding”
I love you bein outstanding
I tryta keep up with you so my version is residin by your side, outside, wherever we ride, especially when our lips collide, thas my outstanding
Or maybe just waitin on you hand and foot, thas “outstanding ”
Ill have the china-man delivery-man beat wit my “outstanding”
Peep my resound, the renown, of our intertwining, circumvented the hate, how, do we say we love
When we think we arrive, we don’t, continuity on “strive”
Your good enough aint good enough
Takin drinks of water to cool off this hazy buzz
Im based in the restitution of resting
Your countenance is a constant reminder of Gods blessings
Thank you~


I Refrain ~>the Song i think you should listen to while reading but please, at your discretion

Everything is everything and i put that on erything

Rescuing the other me in the dream where im king 

but was betrayed by the people, 

Das a lethal dosage of reality, even in my dreams im dragged down from eagle

Heights to sparrow flights, hell spawned my thoughts of vengeance like evil kaneval

Rebel to the devil, i terrorized his twin towers of Babel. 

Movin from each level, livin the life of Kane and Abel

Tol Lionel dat it gets Messi, but im more den able

Of not fawnin on man’s labels

Youd of thought Mark Hill and James Leach was writing dis Fable

Strikin deals over and under the table

Pursuit of da happiest method of bein happy

Aint neva playin second fiddle and bein lacky

Preemptive strike on all nigguhs, im Bugs and you Daffy

I go hard, then you come after me

Playin hard, you play casually

All out war, fight of my life, im billin your circles, cliques, etc

G card declined before you could swipe

Dont follow da hype,

My end game was nerfed cuz of an update called “trife”

My decisions be my plight, and these regrets i wanna rewrite

So deja vu or maybe a foresight

I told ya girl itll only take 1 night, now she spent a fortnight cuz of da 1 night

And im like, well…jus 1 more night

Money and the power is steadily comin, but the emptiness is begrudgingly stuntin on my progress

And i dont know if thas progress, that process make me regress to what im callin “bloggin on the wordpress”

And i dont even see my way past this day, i refrain from speedin on da freeway, switchin lanes, wit a bottle of whis~Kay

Replyin ta text wit KK, drivin my life away cuz i followed my drive from da way, here comes the 18 wheeler

Its befitting, seein as i broke dem laws anyway
Like i said, i refrain, 

Partially feelin like im worth it

Feelin like im less than perfect

I curse these word curses

I flaunt my shoppin splurges 

I give my praise and worship,

To da good Lord, fa makin His Kingdom so immersive

That immersion fought da corrosion of 

Spoken treasons

i spit legions, shout out ta Tracy Morgan

I ripped reasons, wit my spoken reasons, 

Y my meaty text attracted dese so called vegens

Maybe im better than the 4 seasons

I aint even hit my pinnacles in dese 4 seasons

Break me, never, im like a 2 ton opinion from the 1%

Im doublin these rare takes like Double Take was filmed in Vegas,
So raisin stakes,
We so high,
No wake and bake,
I jus rise, like oven bake,
Flippin money on real estate is wat i call easy cake,
Ya-ku-so-ku to neva flake,
Slander requires no retaliate,
Easy fix on da mistakes,
We jus retake, and das a wrap


Ruin You

My pride resides in the inner most part of my hardened heart, meaning.. 

Youd have to take the alloy of your local weapon X facility ta break through the intricate gleaning

I move on my selfish desires that require 

Tangible lust, creatin excuses that deem it just

Just enough, to get by. Ruined lives, humbled crys of the fallen that coincide wit emotional tides, brushin up agaisnt the shores of well~placed rapports, simplified as soul ties

Fer business, i put on my emotional tie, drinkin from the superfluous glass, oh now im more den high

These denizens, from the far end speak and i listen, thas jus a fancy way of sayin that i got my own demons

Everything ive sowed, im reapin, all the lives ive took in my bosom, wit dead ends, false burdens and baggage, yeauh im reapin

Goodbyes arent hard wen you have no choice, cuz you kno good and well that you arent built for the request they’ve put on you

My eyes, they can ruin you, gettin involved in my line of sight could ruin you

Dont lemme pursue you, wen i warn you bout me take heed, baby it behooves you

Im not da bad boi in da movies, im that guy in Shakespeare plays thats only screwin you

Them long nights and passionate zones we enter, are awarded by Oscars, Daytime Emmys, jus peep the figures

Ive always delivered, i terrorized digiornos so i always deliver

My touch could ruin you, like a kiss from the suns corona or the embrace of a fallen angel, gotchu in chains like Kerry from Django

You think im playing, jus overview your life, all dat time you gave me, makes it like i was an overclocked parasite

Crazy thing is that you gave it ta me, you gave it all ta me, then wen i leave you put it all on me

Im only bad cuz you “good” but is you really good wen you makin bad decisions? 

How you a good girl and you kno it, yet you act so different round me?

Your decision, ta lie in your desires as well but letchu tell it, and i put chu under some spell

But das not real, you made dat wish in da wishin well, lil did ju kno that i overheard ya lil flick and tale.


Ugly Side of Beauty

Why is it hard to look good,
Yet its becomin easier to be bad?
Im not agaisnt the bad, but i fear the bad gon turn into the ugly
We got women tuckin they tummy,
Spendin dey last on make up thas no better than the acid squirtin in they tummy

You mad at the one night stand, but you only feel pretty after you apply the blush, powder, push up bra, fake hair, and other things
Thas the incentive to the one night stand,
Them the tools that amplify the sexual drool comin from the man’s jewels, silly is the fool that hides themselves then reveals themself as a downgrade to the original portrayal, and still expects one to stay after you’ve been used
You feel wanted when you feel you look your best
But your best resides in other cultures like Indonesia, India and China
You feel pretty and beautiful only when an outside source compliment you on what you worked so hard on
Which would be natural if it was only natural
You cant even stay on stage to finish the presentation known as “Me, Myself, and I” when you hear or sense the slightest hint of negative response to you
Cant get comfortable witchu unless you’re not you
So why even dress you up, thas a false sense of lovin you
I hear the word “enhance” or “amplify my features”
If that’s true, why is there a bra capable of boostin up your A size to a C size?
That sound more like temporary implants
And if you attract a man, his standards arent you, but what you payed for
What you willin to slay for it?
You kill the real you, then reveal it to em, now he’s done witchu cause you couldn’t be real witchu
Beauty hurts? Says who? Only when you let societal ideology get the best of you
Only feelin like a 10 when you not in your own skin in public
And feelin like a 6 or a 7 when you by yaself

You needa love you before you “enhance” you
Cause when all that come off, you’re still.. you
Still the girl with the your hair, your butt, your bust, your skin, your feet, your height, your lips, your eyes
Fall in love witchu instead of puttin on the biggest front this millennia has ever seen
You demand truth but cant accept your own truth about you
Cover up wha? A blemish or two, why? Is it stoppin you from succeeding or just achievin the attention that sedates the crys inside of you?
Drowns the fact that you unhappy witchu?
Or maybe its a sociological, psychosis thing

The tv, being the instrument of choice for the controlling of American, human beings.
Tweaks the grey matter to perceive beauty as a means of artificial feats
They say that it comes in all shapes and sizes, but we hardly see variety Only the slim and tall, scarcely the thick or plump

You see a Kim K, and see her wit a Kanye,
Now plastic surgery is The way
To land a guy thats pavin the way
All natural evidently is only an expression but has no place in the cosmetology and anatomical views of today

The standards of pretty are confusing:
Everybody wants it, but nobody has it
Constant contradictions👉you want him to be real with you, but the 1st time he saw you, that wasnt you
Think about it