Ruin You

My pride resides in the inner most part of my hardened heart, meaning.. 

Youd have to take the alloy of your local weapon X facility ta break through the intricate gleaning

I move on my selfish desires that require 

Tangible lust, creatin excuses that deem it just

Just enough, to get by. Ruined lives, humbled crys of the fallen that coincide wit emotional tides, brushin up agaisnt the shores of well~placed rapports, simplified as soul ties

Fer business, i put on my emotional tie, drinkin from the superfluous glass, oh now im more den high

These denizens, from the far end speak and i listen, thas jus a fancy way of sayin that i got my own demons

Everything ive sowed, im reapin, all the lives ive took in my bosom, wit dead ends, false burdens and baggage, yeauh im reapin

Goodbyes arent hard wen you have no choice, cuz you kno good and well that you arent built for the request they’ve put on you

My eyes, they can ruin you, gettin involved in my line of sight could ruin you

Dont lemme pursue you, wen i warn you bout me take heed, baby it behooves you

Im not da bad boi in da movies, im that guy in Shakespeare plays thats only screwin you

Them long nights and passionate zones we enter, are awarded by Oscars, Daytime Emmys, jus peep the figures

Ive always delivered, i terrorized digiornos so i always deliver

My touch could ruin you, like a kiss from the suns corona or the embrace of a fallen angel, gotchu in chains like Kerry from Django

You think im playing, jus overview your life, all dat time you gave me, makes it like i was an overclocked parasite

Crazy thing is that you gave it ta me, you gave it all ta me, then wen i leave you put it all on me

Im only bad cuz you “good” but is you really good wen you makin bad decisions? 

How you a good girl and you kno it, yet you act so different round me?

Your decision, ta lie in your desires as well but letchu tell it, and i put chu under some spell

But das not real, you made dat wish in da wishin well, lil did ju kno that i overheard ya lil flick and tale.


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