I Refrain

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zAZkm9Q2BmE ~>the Song i think you should listen to while reading but please, at your discretion

Everything is everything and i put that on erything

Rescuing the other me in the dream where im king 

but was betrayed by the people, 

Das a lethal dosage of reality, even in my dreams im dragged down from eagle

Heights to sparrow flights, hell spawned my thoughts of vengeance like evil kaneval

Rebel to the devil, i terrorized his twin towers of Babel. 

Movin from each level, livin the life of Kane and Abel

Tol Lionel dat it gets Messi, but im more den able

Of not fawnin on man’s labels

Youd of thought Mark Hill and James Leach was writing dis Fable

Strikin deals over and under the table

Pursuit of da happiest method of bein happy

Aint neva playin second fiddle and bein lacky

Preemptive strike on all nigguhs, im Bugs and you Daffy

I go hard, then you come after me

Playin hard, you play casually

All out war, fight of my life, im billin your circles, cliques, etc

G card declined before you could swipe

Dont follow da hype,

My end game was nerfed cuz of an update called “trife”

My decisions be my plight, and these regrets i wanna rewrite

So deja vu or maybe a foresight

I told ya girl itll only take 1 night, now she spent a fortnight cuz of da 1 night

And im like, well…jus 1 more night

Money and the power is steadily comin, but the emptiness is begrudgingly stuntin on my progress

And i dont know if thas progress, that process make me regress to what im callin “bloggin on the wordpress”

And i dont even see my way past this day, i refrain from speedin on da freeway, switchin lanes, wit a bottle of whis~Kay

Replyin ta text wit KK, drivin my life away cuz i followed my drive from da way, here comes the 18 wheeler

Its befitting, seein as i broke dem laws anyway
Like i said, i refrain, 

Partially feelin like im worth it

Feelin like im less than perfect

I curse these word curses

I flaunt my shoppin splurges 

I give my praise and worship,

To da good Lord, fa makin His Kingdom so immersive

That immersion fought da corrosion of 

Spoken treasons

i spit legions, shout out ta Tracy Morgan

I ripped reasons, wit my spoken reasons, 

Y my meaty text attracted dese so called vegens

Maybe im better than the 4 seasons

I aint even hit my pinnacles in dese 4 seasons

Break me, never, im like a 2 ton opinion from the 1%

Im doublin these rare takes like Double Take was filmed in Vegas,
So raisin stakes,
We so high,
No wake and bake,
I jus rise, like oven bake,
Flippin money on real estate is wat i call easy cake,
Ya-ku-so-ku to neva flake,
Slander requires no retaliate,
Easy fix on da mistakes,
We jus retake, and das a wrap


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