Let the C.I.V swell
Let the Central Infatuation of Veno swell
Yo favorite when all the others aint doing it right
What keep me busy is life
Till you hit me up usin the “i needa minute” as the “i needa life”
So i entertain you
I enjoy you
That smile that connects you to heaven
The curvature on your face that acts as my ritual 2 excedrins
I overdose on your natural high
I found my channel, you’re a necessary dive
And i, love the fact that you make me speechless
We, us together is 7 days strong, so thas WEAK-less
Enchanted by what you do to my surroundings
I love your “astounding”
I love you bein outstanding
I tryta keep up with you so my version is residin by your side, outside, wherever we ride, especially when our lips collide, thas my outstanding
Or maybe just waitin on you hand and foot, thas “outstanding ”
Ill have the china-man delivery-man beat wit my “outstanding”
Peep my resound, the renown, of our intertwining, circumvented the hate, how, do we say we love
When we think we arrive, we don’t, continuity on “strive”
Your good enough aint good enough
Takin drinks of water to cool off this hazy buzz
Im based in the restitution of resting
Your countenance is a constant reminder of Gods blessings
Thank you~


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