Called It Something Else

I dont think tellin you is enough anymore
But i still do
Cuz it remains tru
Thank you-this excellence is an acquired taste-full
Hope my actions are over stabled
Romantic banter is all apart of my label
Im food for ya soul, check the nutrition label
Got foresight outta dis world like X-mens Cable
Ill have Jim hook you up so you can see too, he good wit da cable
This gon be da greatest fable
Eat it up, this the redemption table
I aint God, but his vessel
In your life, to help you get to da next level
And we jus jumpin all through time, destroyin traditional ideology along the way
Growth is pain, recollection of the “use-ta-bes” is typical wen you made it to whatever your goal be
Keep out da intrusion of our keep like a goalie-Tim Howard
This spoken word is Power,
Lil dood, but a big man on da moon, call Houston, tell em we got a Dwight Howard
Haters sour, cuz the world is ours
Make love to each other wit the conversation fer hours
Talkin ta you is medicinal, re-up on da drugs love, or the love drugs
You picture perfect, yo new nickname Mona-Lisuh
I put a hit out on da Rea-puh, cuz i aint tryna die no time soon, Kicking doors down like ima militant FIFA
Back ta you, i thank God He is the word, so wen He gives me the words, i splurge it in the ways that bring Em Glory, and plague your face wit smiles
Cuz you look so much better wen you OH-OH-OH
You cheesin so hard, a mouse might come and frik witchu
And that was meant to be cheesy
Photo bomb you, ta capture moments thas escapin space and entropy
A-Gotta couple points i wanna point out to you, peep
My greatest commodity to ya, is my soul B-bind it witchurs, and watch it glow like the Northern Lights in the Winter Time
C-rainbows represent Gods promise and He never lies
D-get what i want cuz of the life i live E- so you kno this ends up as you bein Mine
No sweat,


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