Concentrated Death

In the eyes of Azrael
Im jus another assignment to compliment his angle
On bein the ultimate Usher of the afterlife
No fountain of youth, time wont even allow me to get old enough to qualify for society’s perception on kickin the can
My last breaths are filled with a whole bunch of “re” words, and not the Special Ed kind
I find, that Remorse is jus Refurbished Regret, Repentance is a necessary Redemption factor Really-
The Recourse, The Retry, the goodbye Recycled into Hi’s, Retribution on a good note, thats the price we pay with, no Receipt, Reproduction is always stifling when you’ve no life to lead, Reprobate, the escape to an ideaology of Relapse, Recovery, the sustainable measure to make Your mind do what it was meant to do: Redefine your Respiratory time spent on this earth~> Respite
Theres no Rewind, even if we wish, still it’ll never come true

That dream never follows through
So we push on to whatever or wherever, the end justify the means
Capitalism on the needs, our world never seems to need but want
The cold desire of a better tomorrow is warmed by pleasantries of today
If there be any

Perspective, the paradoxical elective suggests to get perceptive in life’s lessons
Which is why we have questions, until spawned on the wrong one
The ill equipped, the unwanted like an accidental step-son
So now unanswered confusion
Inadequate presence, covered by false presents
The masses proudly present to you your false heaven
And as you take the last, your last possession on this big blue planet, a thought may cross your mind
If you focus, you’ll realize that all that time you thought about those things…
You’re still going to die,
So instead of thinking of all of those sociological, anthropological views
Take your last, and experience your first
Concentrated Death, allow me to escort you to your hearse
The ironical last word:


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