My life is outrageous, outlived, bold and contagious
Many faces seen and perceived, while i maintain good graces
Touch ups for the misplaced, mishapped, beguiled races
This beyond the black ink and white paper, goes beyond the racists
This the gray area of a new generation
The fine line between almost there and nigguh we made it
No flex zone, no time for gorgeous phantasias
My final fantasy, took place in a realm reborn
Hellfire and brimstone, down to the bedrock,
My body was heavy, my mental in shock, so my shrink, Dr. Dre, recommemded i detox
I needed a release, suh’in Strange, suh’in magical, maybe the daggers of Denack
Lookin for the out, lookin for the door to pass through, pardon the intrusion, i dont knock…irony
Well..dont knock it till you try it but the last time i knocked, the exit disappeared
So walking into an empty room, the freedom of havin MySpace was mortifyin
Basically Chosen, thas B.C
With that happenin, i then encounter
Acquiring Dilemma, thas A.D.
Acquiescence to Zenith, thas A-Z
Changin of Garbs, thas C.O.G.
And we use the COGS to churn the gears of war, battlefield on the dragons teeth
Be a sojourner of truth, even if its underground like Harriat T
Repossessed by the possession, nothin learned from the lesson, Want 1st but late by seconds
Always second fiddlin, hand-me-downs, made me get use to seconds
Second hand, make shift, from the rift then all of a sudden a come up
Constantly Winning, thas CW
Supernatural things happen in a Smallville called my mind, i authorize the Arthur to Dont Worry-thas D.W.
Closely Watchin the progress of my protest to always have next, and never give up next, relevance is only as good as the user utilizin his strengths to bet on him bein the best-thas C.W.
Reach under you, money huggin you, the stash becomes you, like Super Mario, the Stache becomes you, Careful of dese Fleece Johnson nigguhs, they like bein behind ju so they can eventually snuff you
Huey Mind, Empire State of Mind, intertwine, life and death, thas a pill fightin to prevent flatline,
Titanic, capsize, overboard, ambition on overboard, floatin over yours, runnin past course,
I force push the limits of any race horse
Racin on my dime, outdoors or indoors,
I endorse the point of interest like a branded laser pointer, pointin at the the point of interest


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