Nobody To Love

Gaspin for air, lookin for da sensual only ta get dat smug glare
Tryna attract wat i feel is the perfect woman
But bruised by my past decisions and karma reinventing its vision on how it views my life
The way i feel dont matter no more,
I jus out pour the emotional side inside a typical whore
Whose a dime ta you, but come a dime a dozen ta me
She suck, slurp, and smash the way i need er to
But thas jus strengthening the grave im buryin fa myself
Cuz “what goes around comes around” is far from sanguine,
So bury me alive, bury wit me pride, no tombstone, case closed, Detective Konan died
I tried-no i lied, i didnt try ta subside the substantial anger of havin nobody to love
Maybe its cuz they wasnt good enough, cept ta make love
Cuz im in a generation of where we make love, but not do love
The relationship stuff, witout actually bein in love
Cuz ta dem, thas bondage, das commitment, and an itinerary like dat is vintage
Emotional investment is apparently permissive
This all indited
Please inscribe it, please refine it, never fast forward, always rewind it-maybe set up a time block and time it

My point is, because of my decisions, because of my inability ta incision the cataclysm of bein indifferent to hearts ive broken, now im no different

And these hoes, they summon me and i answer like im a slave to dey mission
So ima soldier for this never endin war, but a casualty to society
Broken piece of junk that cant function wit out a tall piece of beauty ta be my elongated vanity

I regretfully, stand over her as i crack open the gates of hell screaming “this pussy is Aliyah, the Queen of The Damned SEE?!”

And theres no goin back, a betrayal to an already good thing leads to nobody bein happy
Lord have mercy, someone take pity,
How can i scrutinize on wat i co signed way back in time
Thorned crown on my head-ouch, but i aint got no vinegar ta quench this hemorrhage of a thorn to my side
“Can i live”. . . Nobody to love…nobody


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