Ugly Side of Beauty

Why is it hard to look good,
Yet its becomin easier to be bad?
Im not agaisnt the bad, but i fear the bad gon turn into the ugly
We got women tuckin they tummy,
Spendin dey last on make up thas no better than the acid squirtin in they tummy

You mad at the one night stand, but you only feel pretty after you apply the blush, powder, push up bra, fake hair, and other things
Thas the incentive to the one night stand,
Them the tools that amplify the sexual drool comin from the man’s jewels, silly is the fool that hides themselves then reveals themself as a downgrade to the original portrayal, and still expects one to stay after you’ve been used
You feel wanted when you feel you look your best
But your best resides in other cultures like Indonesia, India and China
You feel pretty and beautiful only when an outside source compliment you on what you worked so hard on
Which would be natural if it was only natural
You cant even stay on stage to finish the presentation known as “Me, Myself, and I” when you hear or sense the slightest hint of negative response to you
Cant get comfortable witchu unless you’re not you
So why even dress you up, thas a false sense of lovin you
I hear the word “enhance” or “amplify my features”
If that’s true, why is there a bra capable of boostin up your A size to a C size?
That sound more like temporary implants
And if you attract a man, his standards arent you, but what you payed for
What you willin to slay for it?
You kill the real you, then reveal it to em, now he’s done witchu cause you couldn’t be real witchu
Beauty hurts? Says who? Only when you let societal ideology get the best of you
Only feelin like a 10 when you not in your own skin in public
And feelin like a 6 or a 7 when you by yaself

You needa love you before you “enhance” you
Cause when all that come off, you’re still.. you
Still the girl with the your hair, your butt, your bust, your skin, your feet, your height, your lips, your eyes
Fall in love witchu instead of puttin on the biggest front this millennia has ever seen
You demand truth but cant accept your own truth about you
Cover up wha? A blemish or two, why? Is it stoppin you from succeeding or just achievin the attention that sedates the crys inside of you?
Drowns the fact that you unhappy witchu?
Or maybe its a sociological, psychosis thing

The tv, being the instrument of choice for the controlling of American, human beings.
Tweaks the grey matter to perceive beauty as a means of artificial feats
They say that it comes in all shapes and sizes, but we hardly see variety Only the slim and tall, scarcely the thick or plump

You see a Kim K, and see her wit a Kanye,
Now plastic surgery is The way
To land a guy thats pavin the way
All natural evidently is only an expression but has no place in the cosmetology and anatomical views of today

The standards of pretty are confusing:
Everybody wants it, but nobody has it
Constant contradictions👉you want him to be real with you, but the 1st time he saw you, that wasnt you
Think about it


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